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The Cobalt Mining District National Historic Site of Canada

Right-of-Way mine shaft

One of the most celebrated silver mining camps in the world is located in the Town of Cobalt and Township of Coleman. The development of exploration, mining and milling techniques in the Cobalt Silver Camp led the way for growth of the mining industry in Ontario and Canada.

The Cobalt Mining District National Historic Site of Canada, in Ontario, illustrates the dramatic story of the silver mining boom from 1903 to the late 1920s. During that time, the Cobalt Camp became world renown, marking the beginning of an era of mining wealth and northern development in Canada. Activity in the Cobalt Camp was concentrated in an area of less than thirteen square kilometres. The mines of Cobalt Camp extracted the world's richest deposits of pure native silver and secured international investments in Canada's mining industry during the early years of the 20th century.

The Cobalt Mining District provides insight into the history of Canada's mining industry and the haphazardously built towns and vibrant communities formed around it. The Silver Boom in Cobalt made a significant impact on Canada's social and economic landscape. The Town of Cobalt and Coleman Township, unlike many boom towns, are alive and well today.

The district's landscape is comprised of a unique concentration of mines and mill remnants, open-cut veins, and unique elements of the townsite, which together impart a vivid sense of the former mining processes that dominated Northern Ontario.

The Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada (HSMBC) unveiled a plaque to commemorate the national historic significance of the Cobalt Mining District as a part of the Cobalt Centennial Celebrations in 2003. The plaque illustrates the important contribution that the development of northern Ontario played in the growth of our country as a whole. Successful silver mining in the area attracted financial investments for hard rock mining across Canada.

The placement of the commemorative plaque represents an official recognition of historic value and is a means of informing the public about the richness of our cultural heritage. This initiative connects the roots of our past to the promises of our future and Canadians to each other.

The Cobalt Historic Society is proud to help preserve this important part of Canadian history.

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